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We were dreaming of a social networking scheduling and posting service that’s so affordable and packed with features that FREE is our most popular package. One connection per social profile just wasn’t enough for us while we were shopping around, so we’re pretty certain it’s not for you, either. That’s why you’re here, because the big boys of social media management aren’t cutting it anymore.


Add your blog’s RSS feed. Select the social networking profiles. Set and post. Now every time to write a post it’ll be linked to all your social networks. No plugins needed. Any CMS or blogging platform with an RSS feed will do.

FOR AFFILIATE MARKETERS has a number of tools available to help affiliate marketers build Amazon and eBay links and post to social networks. Additionally, you can automatically add referral links to product RSS feeds and automatically submit those links to your social media profiles.


We support posting to Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, YouTube, and Google+ profiles. We’re working on Facebook profiles, Facebook Pages, and Pinterest support.


What’s the catch? Is the free account just a trial? How limited is it? No catch! It’s free forever!

What’s included:

  • 15 Social Profiles (1 Account Per Network Per Profile)
  • 15 RSS Feeds
  • 500 Monthly Messages
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Message Scheduling

If that’s not enough, we have EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE account upgrades!